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Spiz’ike OG Gets Some Attention

Cement Air Jordan Spizike

(Courtesy of Air-Randy and Nicekicks)

Release Date: 11/23/2007


Nicekicks did the sneaker community a solid a couple of days ago by putting together all the OG color Air Jordan sneakers that the Spiz’ike is based on and putting it all together in a photo extravaganza.

It looks like to me that the Spizike is very much based on Air Jordan 3. considering the history of the Air Jordans and the fact that he almost left after the second Air Jordan, I guess Air Jordan III holds a special place.

I do have one question about the line up that Nicekicks displayed… isn’t Air Jordan 11 also part of the sneaker with the patent leather? I mean, I know this version of the Spiz’ike sneaker doesn’t have patent leather, but it does show up on many other the other Spiz’ike sneaks.


Since I have gotten so many hits for my Spiz’ike Page (and my Air Force One page and AND my Air Jordan release page)  I do plan on updating them with new info (I originally was not cause I leave that to other sneaker sites… all I do is let you know its been updated on their site lol) and pictures. While it might not be exactly the same as say Nicekicks release page info, I hit the high lights of the stuff I think will be hatwz.


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