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Charles Barkley Alpha Force 1 Mid Part II – 11-10-07

Charles Barkley x Alpha Force

I just love these sneakers!!!

You got to take a look at some of the newer pictures on Sneakerfiles too. The whole design of the sneaker is hot and you have to love the “shine” at the soul of the sneaker.

While I am not too sure about buying them on eBay, the bottom line is that they are available at a few places.

The actual release day, according to, is 11/10/07 . That is a few days from now.

Now you may be shocked at the cost… 250 dollars. So if you end up getting for less and the wrong product code is on them, you just been had.

Most comments on this sneaker are positive from the community which does say something about the style and love for the idea. Are they comfortable? Who knows. Are they collectibles? HELL TO THE YES.

 I have no idea where they will be available. I know I can’t get them considering my incredible want for the Foamposite One Black and Cactus (200 dollars). Plus, my feet don’t look too good in high tops. I have the canvas Vandals and I feel like 2 boats are on my feet.

Mad props to the people who get these Barkleys.


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