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Hot Shoes! Royalty Luxury Alloys – The Masterpiece

SEMA Wheels: That’s one heck of a fat lip

That’s one heck of a fat lip - Autoblog

 I don’t know about the fat (phat) lip and who is going to see it (your boys will), but the look of the car is pretty hot.

Some people say that rims are going out, but the reality is that the best way to make your car/truck look different from others is to change the shoes. Around my area black rims with silver trim are popular. Also what is coming into play (finally cause I like them) is the shoes that look like flying disks (more on that later) .

Anyway… these are cool.For you ballers out there, try something different for once and instead of putting them on a Dodge Charger or Magnum, try a Lincoln or a Subaru Tribeca or something.


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