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First Shot of Air Jordan XX3… what the hell???

Air Jordan XX3 Finally Leaked! –

Air Jordan 23 - First Look

I love Air Jordan and I bet that most people have at least 2 pair of Jordans in their closet at any given time. I figure the last Air Jordan will be the most comfortable footwear ever made… full of technological stuff like these sneakers have

But this picture… the look… THESE THINGS LOOK UGLY.

I will quote a commenter from Sneakerfiles:

tunerz707 said

am November 1 2007 @ 10:11 pm

dude..these look like some teams or jumpmans


Air 23 should be the most comfortable HOTTEST looking sneaker out… I do not know what colorway will save the look of the sneaker pictured above.

Maybe this will grow on me like the fusion of Air Force One and Air Jordan 12’s or the look of the 22’s (which actually look pretty good, I just want better colorways… only the black/white with red looked good to me)

Here is another quoote that I have to say is on point:

Mikey Mikal said

am November 1 2007 @ 10:21 pm

WTF Did They Create??? If I Heard That Payless Stores Were Going To Release These, I Would Believe Them!!…Look Like Freakin Olympians(The 80’s) To Me..

The 22’s Were Very Iffy To Me As Well…And The 21’s As Well, And The 20’s…except the all black ones..

True Story!

Olympians!!! LMAO While I don’t think they will look like they belong in Payless (Payless has some nice shoes by the way so don’t hate on them), I do think they will be VERY controversial. I also think they will be sold out anyway. I know I’m still going to get them just out of respect (I’m gonna get the first colorway, even though I almost never like the black and whites of which usually comes out first)

I still hope that these are early concepts. Plus, how does these sneakers match up with the clothes that are supposed to go with this?


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  2. they might be nice if they got sum nice colors on thm

    November 13, 2007 at 5:13 pm