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Don’t Think I Forgot About The Shoes

Oh good lawd, when was the last time I posted about cars? Its been a long time. Well since the SEMA show is out there are some things to look at, I figure this is a great time to start posting about cars again.

Also, while cruising the streets of NYC, I have been noticing a trend in car picks. For example the Infiniti FX is a car I always thought was good looking but I just didn’t see it anywhere near as often as I do now. It took about 3 years before you ended up seeing it at least 1 an hour.

It may seem odd to make posts on car rims (LOL) but I honestly think that one of the only ways to really make your car stand out is to get a real nice pair of shoes (car rims…. try to follow me with this here lol)

Like people, cars need a nice pair on their feet. It really makes the outfit, the look, and the sport with the right pair of sneakers…. and the same is true or cars and trucks.

To all of those who breaze by here to see and read about the more interesting sneakers that are out or will come out, don’t worry cause I will always post on that stuff.

For those wondering where are the poss about cars and fashion don’t worry… I ma not post as often about those things, but Iwill be posting about them (didn’t I just say that 1 paragraph earlier? lol)

OK… so if you want to know about what is interesting (hot, funny, ridiculous, plain ugly, and trendy) in kicks, cars and fashion… with an opinion… about what is currently out and will come out…. you made the right choice by reading this blog.

(cars and sneakers don’t go together??? lol well if you say so)


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