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Nike x Hasbro Transformers Sneaker Pack Actually Coming Out x Transformers Pack Releasing November 3rd

Nike x Transformers Pack Releasing November 3rd

Pic from Sneakerfiles and The Freshness


Well it doesn’t look the the original shots that were flying around the interwebz, but its still looks cool (not as cool but cool). You have the Air Max Boot (people seem to like the Air Max boot… I am not too fond of it, but props to those who put them on), Air Huarache classic, and the Air Trainer III. Picture on Sneakerfiles (and the Freshness Mag)

The best looking ones to me are defiantly the Air Trainer III. I think the Huarache could have looked WAY better (maybe its the laces?). And the Air Boot… I think I already said what I think about that lol

But its all good. They all still look great and any one or the whole collection is defiantly a collectible. Don’t miss it like you missed the Back to School Pack. lol


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