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Get a Timberland Boot… with a Timberland Watch

 So once you have bought this:

Timberland Premium Mayan Tattoo Buckthorn Nubuck at FootAction

on FootAction for 144.99 you can buy this:

 Timberland Men’s 135 Watch on FootAction

…for 134.99. Yup a Timberland 135 Watch

 If Rocawear can make watches, why not Timberland? So here we have a full line of watches from the maker of Tims. What I wonder is if the watches are as rugged as as the boots (and now even Timberland casual shoes and sneakers)???

 Timberland Men’s 195 Watch from FootAction

Timberland Men’s 195 Watch at FootAction


Is it normal for a watch to be able to go under water at a depth about 50 meters? Is that rugged? lol, I don’t know but I do like how it looks. One  interesting thing I noticed is that whatever number the watch has, the price is one penny less than that number. For example the watch above is called the 195 and it normally costs 194.99…. luckily for those who are buying this rugged watch that it is on sale on FootAction.

I am not sure about the watches… or the jeans and stuff. The t-shirts are ok, but pants? And when did they start making watches? Well, ok. I wish they were more unique though. I love Timberland boots and shoes… even the sneakers. Just not the shorts and the pants. I would love to see Timberland team up with Rocawear for some pants and shorts.

Rocawear x Timberland

I think it would work… not as original as Alife x Bape but I think it would be a good look.


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