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Fashion Trends: Rope Chains Are Back?

 Concrete Loop

Image from Concrete Loop

RED CARPET TRENDS: 80′S GOLD – Concrete Loop


Old is new again. I know you already noticed that with the retro sneakers.. heck, have you noticed that even peoples cars have something retro on it? That right, people are recognizing the white wall look gives that Dodge Magnum and Charger (and the Cadillac CTS) a good look. So it would seem retro is in for sneakers… and shoes LOL

I saw a few people… more than a few really… with high top fades. Yes, HIGH TOP FADES. I swear! Had the rope chain too. I don’t know what else he was wearing because I was sooo trying not to stare at him without busting out laughing.

Concrete Loop briefly goes into who is wearinf it and where you can buy some of it too.

 I Love NY T-Shirts - Popular in NYC for 2007

And I am sure people in NYC know about this


 Makes me wonder what in store for 2008. Rope chains, high top fades and I love NY t-shirts. I don’t know if those Brooklyn t-shirts counts as retro… but I think somebody will walk the red carpet in it with a rope chain and a bucket hat.


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  1. Seems like the logical conclusion to the bling trend to me, wearing a pound or two of gold around your neck!

    (In a rope that is, we’re not quite to the point of wearing an ingot on a string yet — I’m sure that’s what’s next 😉

    October 25, 2007 at 10:36 pm