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Tretorn Hockey Boot Puffer Hi at Urban Outfitters

Tretorn Hockey Boot Puffer Hi at Urban Outfitters

 Tretorn Hockey Boot Puffer Hi

Isn’t that toe box crazy or what???

Price: $90.00

Sizes: 8-13

Would you guess that the picture above is something that looks good? Well it does. While I never heard of this brand, it looks like Nike and Converse (and Pro Keds lol) have something else to worry about with all the other new sneaker brands that have emerged over the past 5-6 years.

Do you guys remember a time when if it wasn’t a major brand, you were practically laughed out of school? I will never forget that time I wore E-Tonics…

Anyway, this sneaker looks like a cross between Nike Air Force One, Converse Chucks and Pro Keds somethings with that very now retro look… but in a good way.

If you got major coins to buy a 90 dollar sneaker that dares to call itself a Hockey Boot Puffer and want to be the first on the block to be fly in something different… well here you go!


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