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Alife x Barneys Colabo: Alife Everybody High for Barneys

Alife Everybody High for Barneys | Nice Kicks – Air Force Ones, Air Jordans, Release Dates and sneaker news.

Alife x Barneys - Alife Everybody Mid

Price $160.00 at Barneys

Man… I am really liking what Alife is doing these days. I have spent way over my budget in sneaker this year and I haven’t bought anything that really represents what I call Urban Grown and Sexy. I have plenty of hood gear (I’m moving away from that… I’m just too old LOL) and even more of what I call urban casual (a more sophisticated urban aka hip hop… yeah urban is used to not say hip hop or black… but I think “urban” has grown some to move out of the confines of being another way of saying Black inspired), but I haven’t bought anything in the urban grown and sexy category.

Even though these are sneakers, they fit the bill. Can’t afford them this year (I have to get my foamposites), but next year I will have a pair of Alife sneakers (along with those Yo MTV Rap Pumas, old school Pro-Keds, some Italian shoes, a pair of Rockports… yes I have a big sneaker and casual shoe budget next year. I am hooking up my wardrobe cause I’m getting ready for war!)

A quote from

These three pairs of Alife Everybody Highs are exclusive to Barneys New York and their Coop stores. The shoes feature “ALIFE” embossed all over the rich leather upper of the shoes similar to what we saw on the Alife x Puma First Rounds.


Very hot. Very cool.


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