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Still Looking For The Aquas? FinishLine Got Some More

You never guess what I found while browsing the Finish? They must have gotten in more Aquas cause those bad boys were gone for a second there. Well now they are back. Many sizes available (but not as many as when they first came out).

In NYC, the Air Jordan 8 “Aquas” have started a purple revolution. I never saw so many people with purple t-shirts and regular shirts. It reminds me of when the Old Love New Love pack came out. When those came out, many people… and I mean MANY people… bought yellow anything. T-shirts, pants, short sleeve shirts… just to get their match on.

In the spirit of matching:

Jordan Men's Retro 8 OG Tee

Jordan Men’s Retro 8 OG Tee

Jordan Men's Retro 8 Shorts

Jordan Men’s Retro 8 Shorts

2 responses

  1. Any other suggestions for Jordan 8, preferably in a size 6 Youth?

    February 3, 2008 at 3:28 pm

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