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Flickr Find: Sabaku Low and Mid

Sabaku Low and Mid

I never seen these before!

I like them. They are pretty decent. I particularly like what I will assume is the hightop (the wheat colored canvas looking one). Found this while I was searching for something else. All of a sudden, I end up on SHOOTO‘s account.

Shooto is also the guy who took this pic:

Uploaded on September 11, 2007 by SHOOTO on Flickr

(also did this too)

Shooto has a bunch of sneaker pics of which some of them are part of the Sneakers set on Flickr. I am so impressed by some of his shots, I’m gonna ask him/her (you never know on the internet) for a interview. Maybe I can convince him to make some of these shots wallpaper size.

Did a little search on them. Found some interesting places and other interesting sneakers while I was at it. Cool Hunting did a story on them as well as the store that carries them. Apparently they were originally made for the Japan market.

Last week I stumbled upon Waraku and it instantly became my new favorite store in LA. Sneakers and T-shirts are imported directly from Japan with a focus on brands and styles not typically available in the US. I was able to grab a pair of Nike Sabaku slip-ons (below, left) and also learned about Namitatsu, the Japanese surf brand.

Source: Cool

They are very unique. I do wonder how they fit and feel. If I ever go out to Cali, Waraku is someplace I must stop by and visit.

They cost 150 dollars…. that is allot just to be original LOL. But I am willing to admit that they are grown AND sexy to a certain amount. Not just passing though. More like a C- on the grown AND sexy scale.

The ones I want are sold out currently… too bad. My credit card is ready to make a deal.


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  1. A buddy of mine sent me this link, i know those shots! :p

    A few users from asked me if I could make a few wallpapers. Contact me via email and we will work something out. Keep up the good work!


    December 18, 2007 at 3:22 pm

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