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On Sale: Air Jordan 22 PE at FinishLine Jordan Men’s XX2 PE Basketball Shoe

The Players Edition has Been Released!!!

And of course the Chicago Version has also come out… look below!

Air Jordan 22 PE aka Players Edition

Price: $149.99

Sizes: 7.5 – 15

Well guess what just released? You got about 6 different choices of sneaker. The cities represented are Detroit, Denver, Atlanta, Dallas and Seattle (and of course Chicago).

Many people were talking about these sneakers. From the sites I visited, allot of comments tend to be positive. Maybe that is why a couple of the city models don’t have too many sizes left. Me you ask? I think they could have done way better. I think the graphics on the side could have been more detailed. Or maybe the sneaker could have followed through more with the incorparation of each city design.

Look at the Chicago version of the players edition. Those look great… so what happened to the other ones???

Well, other than my very important opinion, it looks like Jordan did make a last minute change. The black version that represents the city of Chicago wasn’t supposed to come out until November 3 of this year 2007. I would guess with a certain amount of accuracy that the white ones representing Chicago with come on in November 3 2007.

Here is the line up at Finishline:

Finishline gives some cool “recommended” items to go with each sneaker.  For example, there is has a nice jersey for about 75 bucks to match the Seattle version of the PE.

Oh and I just thought I mention this t-shirt while I am talking about matching:

Jordan Accomplishments Tee

Jordan Accomplishments Tee for 28.00 bucks. I like it. Although I think it would work better with the white and black then the black and red… I don’t know, maybe its just me.

So if you gonna get them, here is your chance.


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