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A Differenct Kind Of NYC Subway Hat…

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 A Fitted Subway Hat.

Here is a quote from Strictly Fitteds:

The STRICTLY FITTEDS reconissance team discovered this fitted baseball cap during a recent store sweep. This NEW ERA 59Fifty cap features an embroidered design that mimics the mosaic tile signs found in many subway stations throughout New York City. Pictured here is the mighty borough of BROOKLYN. The QUEENS version was sited over the weekend in Jamaica, Queens.

 I never seen that hats before, but its a great take on the NYC subway system.I am sort of surprised no one else has done it (or maybe it has been done but I didn’t see it). A lot of those subway signs are real works of art. If you in NYC, you should check out Astor Place. Also check out City Hall on the 6 line

That is… if your interested.

Anyway, these look like a cool hat to have. It does seem a little plain Jane to me though. Currently on sale in stores if you can find them. The hat is by New Era.


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