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Ask Yourself: Air Jordan Retro 15 SE or The Original Air Jordan 15???

Air Jordan Retro 15 SE Revealed – Sneaker Files – Air Jordan – Nike Air Force One – SB – Release Dates and Information

Sneakerfiles reported it… NiceKicks got it… Syndication posted it…

And apparently D.K. is the hero in all of this…

But what I want to ask y’all is:


QS Air Jordan XV


Air Jordan 15


It has been said on a few sneaker fan sites that the Air Jordan 15 is the most disliked pair of Air Jordan sneaker made. I personally never bought it so I can’t say how it fit or if it was a great basketball sneaker, but after all the Jordan sneaker that have come out, I though this was the most ridiculous look.

I like the idea of the tongue out. Many don’t like that, but I like it. I didn’t know how it would preform after wearing it for a few months, but I like that idea and I am glad they carried it through to the end.

With that said, I feel that if the Jordan Brand came out with the quick strike Air Jordan 15 SE as an original back when the Air Jordan 15 came out that it would have been more successful.

2 ways to find out if your design is bad in the fashion and sneaker world. (And come to think of it, cars and trucks too.)

  1. If it looks good only in one color combo or one solid color (or at most 3) then there is probably something wrong with it. The original Air Jordan 15 only looked good in Black. You could say it looked good in white and red or white and columbia blue (hmmm…. these did look sort of ok)… but you would be wrong.
  2. If hardly ANYONE make fakes of it. I’ll bet a WHOLE DOLLAR that there are probably 4 fake color combos of this sneaker. (And no Sponge Bob Square Pants)

I think Mr. Jordan would do quite well if he came out with a so called new version of the 15. If Jordan brand keep to its word and does not do any more retro Jordans for a while (of which I hope a while means a few years or more), coming up with quick strike “what if” designs would be pretty hot. I can see the Air Jordan 18 right now with lights in the soul of the sneaker or some sort of reflective material.


The Air Jordan “retro” 15 SE takes most of its elements from the original 15, but that vent idea comes from Air Jordan 14 (My all time favorite sneaker from Jordan or anybody for that matter) . If they make any changes, I hope the keep the original arch thingy at the same dramatic height. Keep the vent and some how gt the “tongue” back.

Anyhooo… what are your thoughts? And by the way, mad people are talking it up on this at Sneakerfiles and Nicekicks so once you hopefully leave a thought here, you might want to head over there to see what others said.


The Air Jordan 15 SE shown in more colorways on Sneakerfiles


4 responses

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  3. brian

    yo the xv SE in other color ways are better then the OGS

    January 20, 2008 at 5:25 pm

  4. the black and gold look nice i got them

    July 3, 2008 at 10:06 pm

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