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On Sale: Air Jordan 8 Lifestyle Peapods and Lifestyle Clothing on Eastbay

Eastbay::Jordan Men’s Retro 8 LS
Midnight Navy/Orange Blaze/Pea Pod


 Air Jordan 8 Peapod

Very few sizes left!! Price: $149.99

This sneaker was released yesterday (Saturday 29) and guess what? it sold out faster than the Aquas. Ok, ok… there were  not as many pairs of this limited sneaker Still though, they sold out pretty quick.

Did anybody notice that this sneaker cost more than the original Air Jordan 8? Heck, it even cost more than the Aquas that was just released.

This is not a color for those who like tame. I seen this sneaker in real life and it does look great, but hard to match. As luck would have it… Jordan decided to make some matching gear for the sneaker. From jackets to t-shirts, Jordan came up with stuff to go with these sneakers.

 Jordan Men’s MJ Retro 8 Accolades Tee

Jordan Men’s MJ Retro 8 Accolades Tee White

Price: 47.99

 Jordan Men’s MJ Retro 8 Air Jordan Tee

Jordan Men’s MJ Retro 8 Air Jordan Tee

Price: $37.99


And it doesn’t stop there…

Jordan Men’s Retro All-Over Print Track Jacket


Jordan Men’s Retro 8 Painted Full-Zip Fleece


Jordan Men’s Retro 8 Striped Polo


Jordan Men’s Chi Town Track Jacket


 There are more matches to be made with the almost sold out Air Jordan 8 peapods…. you can see them here, including fitted hats, and a couple of fleeces.


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