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The Ultimate Fitted Cap Accessory… on YouTube

YouTube – The Ultimate Fitted Cap Accessory


 You like fitted hats? You like fitted hats so much that you go to sites that ONLY feature fitted hats? Want to take care of that fitted hat?

La Vida, Inc. has spent the past two years designing and developing Fitted Pro, the ultimate fitted cap/hat accessory. These superbly engineered, lightweight, portable units were developed for re-sizing, shaping, steaming and the overall maintenance of New Era and other fitted baseball caps.

Since it doesn’t look like fitted caps are going anywhere, if they make this thing, there is a large possibility that many people will want it. I am very interested in your thoughts on this…

Me you ask? I am not really sure what to think. Considering the fact that I haven’t bought a fitted hat since it became cool to wear hats with a flat brim, I don’t have a clue if this would be something I want if I had hats. I just think others would want it… possibly.


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