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Apparently New Era Is The Ish: New Era light up hats

YouTube – new era light up hats

I do not know if this is an official New Era line up or not. It would be very interesting if it was. I mean glow in the dark is fine until the “glow” stops glowing and the hat becomes a regular hat.

And what is this? New Era is collaborating with Spike Lee?

Another interesting new Era cap has allot of shiny things on it. Again, I don’t know if its a real new Era cap… well the cap is real, but all those sparkles was probably applied later.


Oh and does New Ear really have a store in NY?


LOL this is getting crazy. for real. If they got a store, I have to go visit and drag one of my friends to go with me.

Oh and in case you have no idea how to wear a new Era cap…. Someone even came up with instructions on how to wear a New Era fitted cap.

Do they even make the caps with the open back anymore?


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