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Official Fitted Cap Interview @ United: LNTV

YouTube – Official Fitted Cap Interview @ United: LNTV

This is getting VERY serious

I haven’t worn a baseball hat in YEARS. I am more of a gatsby or a newsboy type of hat person. Maybe cause I’m a littler older… lets put it this way, I never (so far) have worn a baseball hat with a flat brim. When that fashion trend started is about the same time I had stopped wearing baseball caps.

Anyway, here is a new company who is going to try to give New Era (I always thought New Era was lame when it first came out… now look at them! lol) a run for the money.

While they are making baseball caps, they don’t represent ANY teams at this point, they are just hats with real style.

Quote from the video page:

Official’s fitted cap styles and patterns are delivered fast and setting the pace of trends, which in this category has moved beyond the typical sports version and into leading-edge streetwear style.

From:  LabelNetworks


Oh and anybody here ever heard of Vapors Magazine?



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