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On Sale: Air Jordan Spiz’ike Do The Right Thing

Finishline::Jordan Men’s Spizike Basketball Shoe


Price $174.99

Sizes 7.5 to 15

In the NYC area, these sneakers are pretty much sold out and its only been 3 days since they came out. They may have your size in the store or they may not. I should have tried a little harder to get them, now I have to order them online and spend a extra 12 bucks (and on top of that, wait for delivery).

Air Jordan Spizike DTRT

When it comes to FinishLine, what I don’t get is why it will take 2 – 4 days to send this… no correction, 5 to 10 days to deliver. So basically I could get this thing in 2 weeks? LOL

Anyway, I saw this sneaker in real life today and I have to say it is a loud and yet handsome sneaker. Plus, it is easy to find stuff to wear with it. Anything white, blue… maybe some yellows, dark colors too. And those speckles… don’t worry about them. they are not as pronounced as you see in the pictures around the net.

As for the Kings County Spiz’ikes

Kings county from finishline

Sizes 7.5 to 15

You can still get these in stores. Not as popular as the “Do The Right thing” but its a good look. Its actually pretty easy to match these too. Plus there are plenty of cool t-shirts available to would go great with them. Get a pair of white shorts or black jeans (or some really dark grey or blue) and your good to go.



SIZE 11.5 ONLY!!!

THE most popular of all the Spiz’ikes has made its way back to the interwebz. Size 11.5 only so if you gonna get them, then get them. won’t last long. Probably will be gone tonight.


And for those asking for sold out stuff… I keep telling yall, you have to visit my site often. When I see the stuff online, I post it as soon as I can. If you were watching this site (and others like SneakerFiles and NiceKicks) you would know that the Back To School pack was available again… put it on your My.Yahoo, iGoogle, Cellphone alerts… whatever you got!


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