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From Complex Magazine: YO!MTV Raps and Puma Press Rewind

YO! MTV Raps and Puma press rewind | Features | SNEAKERS | Complex Magazine

Yo MTV Raps and Puma Collaboration

MUCHO THANKS TO Complex for helping to get the word out on this. Many sneaker sites talked about it, but it looks like Complex gave a little more push with an actual release party last Friday (yes these things are out in the wild on sale somewhere… why do people make it a secret where to get this stuff???)

EDIT: Take a look at this! Yo! MTV Raps x Puma WebTV


Out of all the sneakers, to me the best are the ones for MC Shan. Not only do you get some dope as hell sneakers, you can buy a matching vintage 1980’s style jacket, bucket hat and a t-shirt.

Puma x YO! MTV Raps - MC Shan

The Clyde… MC SHAN Style (from

MC Shan Bucket Hat

MC Shan Bucket hat. (from

More pictures back at

I have to admit though… the second best sneaker in this collabo is the Ed and Dr. Dre version of the Clydes:

Ed Lover and Dr. Dre Puma Clydes

For a closer look… click HERE

From what is on the website, it would seem that they will have interviews for each and every pair of sneakers that is represented. So this means that interviews from Big Daddy Kane and Ed Love/Dr Dre will be coming along. They already have MC Shan and Doug E Fresh interviews.

As I was snooping around High Snobiety, I found a video from YouTube that shows off the styles ad uses lyrics from MC Shan and Big Daddy Kane.

They seem to have plenty more of the Puma x YO! MTV Raps collabo videos including Ed Lover and Dr. Dre and Big Daddy Kane.

I have no idea where you can buy these things at. I don’t know if I am somehow missing the info on these sites or what. If I find out anything, I’ll post it. This stuff already is out (came out on Sept 15, 07) so they probably don’t have any more anyway… but I’ll look into it.  Its at and stores like UNDFTD and alife.