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On Sale: Air Jordan XX2 5-8 on Finishline

Finishline::Men’s Air Jordan XX2 5/8 Basketball Shoe

Men’s Air Jordan XX2 5/8 Basketball Shoe

Price 124.99

Sizes 7.5 to 15


There are allot of sneaker fan sites out thereon the net. Plenty to get news from what is coming out to what is out now. So far out of all the sites I have visited I have yet to find anything bad to say about the Air Jordan XX2. I’ll admit it is a very comfortable sneaker. While I never played in it, I can only guess that it works well on the court too.

So then: why is no one buying them? (at least in NYC anyway)

All spring and summer long I have been all over the city… literally all over and I have only seen the sneaker 4 times. Only one of those times was on a person between the age of 16 – 32. Is it the cost that made it not salable? People bought the expensive Spiz’ikes and other Jordan and Nike products. Even sneaker that don’t have such name recognition as Nike sold out. Could it be that right now its so about retro that no one really wanted to touch the sneaker?

I see it more in NYC now due to the fact that its on sale at most stores and even online. I might even get myself another pair (I like them… but the colorways are like… what happened? The black and red ones are usually the best but this time it is just not looking to fabulous).

The version pictured above is the low top version. It actually looks pretty good. Why didn’t the black high top look like this (with or without the patent leather) is beyond me. The location of the red and the patent leather around the back would have been perfect.

The low top still has the replaceable air and zoom unit in the back and also still has the IPS support.

There are other colors available such as the white ones. Give it a look if you have the time.


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