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Popular 2 years Running – Brooklyn T-Shirt

Brooklyn T-shirt purple writing rep sz 2XL, XXL – (item 330155197078 end time Aug-17-07 18:52:03 PDT)

Price: 8.99 on eBay

 Brooklyn T-Shirt: With Purple Writing

From Smokeysclothingstore on EBAY

This t-shirt either will mark the height of the t-shirt boom that is going on across America, OR it will mark the beginning of what will be a fashion trend that will last for the next 5 – 7 years.

So far t-shirts themselves have been going strong since 2003-4 and don’t seem to be stopping. I think you guys remember the White – T video (and the remix of which I think was better).

I thought after the “white tee” song, that would be it. T-shirts just got old. But I was wrong. Here we are in 2007 and we got people wearing I Love NY t-shirts all over the place (in all sorts of colors). The clean, simple (and retro) look is still in. It doesn’t get any simpler than the word Brooklyn in script on a plain t-shirt or wearing the oldest tourist campaign in history (retro) as a fashion symbol.

Anyway, while your looking for Brooklyn t-shirts and other related material, check out these tees:

(From Flatbush Avenue Street Sign)

Plus matching underwear for those who want their undees showin:

(From Flatbush Avenue Street Sign)

I’m still waiting for the all over print Brooklyn t-shirts and underwear collection. I know someone will make it and I know someone will buy it. Me you ask? Not my style but I do like the t-shirt images that I posted.

Oh and by the way; if I didn’t mention the original color to this t-shirt was white with black type for the word Brooklyn. Just in case you want the original look.

With all of that said… and with the price of t-shirt going into the stratosphere (I’ve seen shirts for 80 bucks and you know its nothing more than Hanes!!!), I think one has to be glad that a t-shirt like this is popular. Its a plain t-shirt. Nothing special except that the word Brooklyn is on it in script and at a angle.

I know you can get this thing on Fulton Street Mall in Brooklyn so if your in the NYC area, check there first if you gonna get it.



I did not know there was a song called A** Cheeks On My White T??? What are these dudes thinking???? LMAO


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  2. moe

    i want to buy some brooklyn t shirts like the one that u have with the purple letters please send me pics with a couple of various colors

    March 13, 2009 at 3:44 pm

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