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On Eastbay: Upper Deck Historical Bulls Jordan Dunk

Upper Deck Historical Bulls Jordan Dunk – Bulls

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Price: $49.99

From Bulls Jordan Figurine from 1993 Dunk contest

This is nice. I really can’t tell what sneaker he is wearing from the pictures on the site, but since they said its from 1993 dunk contest, I’m gonna guess it was the Air Jordan VII. I REALLY have no idea which colorway it is other than the fact that the color white is in it LOL. I doubt that these ar Air Jordan VIII because the new style usually don’t come out until the end of the year/season. So the VII would have been worn for most of 1993 until at least the 1994 playoffs.

Well that’s my opinion. Anybody think otherwise (or actually bought this thing and can see what he is wearing up close and personal) , please feel free to post something.

Here is the description for the item in question:

Many believe Michael Jordan is the NBA player who defined in-flight entertainment. An incredible superstar shooter who played the majority of his career for the Chicago Bulls, MJ knew what it took to entertain the masses. And at the 1988 NBA All-Star Weekend festivities in Chicago, MJ did just that. As the reigning champion of the Slam-Dunk competition, Michael battled the likes of Dominique Wilkins to earn his second straight title. A crowd-pleasing, even-clinching dunk that started at the free-throw line iced it for Michael in front of the hometown crowd. Relive MJ’s memorable Slam-Dunk victory with this 10.5″ Historical Beginnings figurine. The cherry wood base features a brass nameplate. Also included is a glossy insert that provides further details about MJ’s memorable in-flight win. Order yours now!


1998? So this was when he came back from his first retirement? This would mean that its the Air Jordan XIII or the XIV. Well, someone reading this knows so drop some knowledge.

I would get this, but it just can’t fit in my budget right now 9or this year for that matter). Oh well, at least I know its out there so when I ask for it, someone will know what I am talking about.


One response

  1. Javier

    Its the Air Jordan 3 white cement

    March 31, 2012 at 2:43 am

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