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YouTube – Rich Boy – Good Things MUSIC VIDEO

YouTube – Rich Boy – Good Things MUSIC VIDEO

Rich Boy featuring Keri Hilson and Pilow Da Don – GOOD THINGS

Maurice Richards (born September 2, 1983 in Mobile, Alabama), best known by the stage name Rich Boy is an American rapper. He is famous for his debut single “Throw Some D’s“. His debut album Rich Boy was released in early 2007.

An interesting note on his Wikipedia profile: Rich Boy quit his study of engineering at Tuskegee University in order to concentrate on music. With a few demo releases, he was noticed by producer Polow Da Don (who had already produced numbers for Ludacris, Jamie Foxx and Fergie).

Very interesting. At least he has something to fall back on and finish cause he got in there somehow. But this is not why I posted this video… cars, kicks and fashion is why I posted this video!

The Sneakers:

Nike Men's Air Tech Challenge

Nike Men’s Air Tech Challenge on Finishline

Nike Thowback worn by Rich Boy

Too much purple? Wearing way too much purple… he could have gotten the yellow ones. But then again he would have worn bright yellow probably for the video… but if he is in Miami then I guess its ok

Nike Air Force 1 worn by Pilow Da Don

2 different pairs? (Can’t find the sneakers… I got to get a better look at them in a clearer video… bookmark this page for I will be editing it once I find out)

The Shoes (Car/Truck Rims):

I recognize them (as usual) but can’t name them for nothin. I’m gonna have to really research this to find out.

The Cars:

Bentley Continental Coupe

Jaguar XK something or other coupe from Jaguar

Also the Hummer SUT (I really don’t see a need for a Hummer SUT… it looks funny no matter how you hook it up) and the Lambo make an appearance.
The Clothes:

Total loss there… I think the should have press releases for these things lol

So there you have it. At least I help you guys out with one thing in the video. Don’t worry, I’ll get better at it in time. Before you know it, you will be like, “I’m wearing that jim-jam that they had in smooth P something-somethings video!”


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  1. rommyn

    Nice video

    July 29, 2007 at 6:52 am

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