The Life and Culture of Kicks

Those Amazing Limousines

When you take your date out (in the freshest gear of course), why not do it in enormous style?

Get A Corvette Limousine!!! (Or a Tank… what ever you prefer)

… yeah, I know… your going to say, “Damn man, you have been keeping it real in the sneaker game, but you forgot the shoe game? Where the whips and rims at? What’s sneakers without shoes? Where is the Complete Lifestyle from autos to fashion you been promising us?”

Well geeeez! Looking around for the best shoe for your car isn’t as simple as finding the best kick for your feet… but I’m getting there peoples. Soon you will be coming here for that hip hop, urban, customizing gaming, lifestyle that your just dieing to find more about. Dyin’ I tell you!!!

But enough about me…

If you click on the link close to the top of this blog post, you will see a list of 9 amazing long vehicles including a monster truck, a tank and a plane that was reconfigured to drive on land… and it does so legally (although I am sure that in some states this is very much not legal to drive around town in).

I think this is really a fun way to go out on the town. The interiors of these elongated vehicles are pretty amazine. It looks like you could have a party within the car itself. I mean a real party… forget actually going somewhere and just stick it out in the limo all night. Stop at Popeyes or something and your good.

Too bad drive in movies are gone for the most part. I thought there was one still in New jersey but I think that closed down. Ha, you think 10 dollars a person is allot for a movie, imagine bringing a whole car and watching a screen 300 feet away for 30 bucks a person.


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