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On Sale – Air Jordan 11 Low Lifestyle Edition

Air Jordan 11 Low LE “Azure” | Nice Kicks – Air Force Ones, Air Jordans, Release Dates and sneaker news.

Air Jordan 11 Low Limited Edition Azure

Currently on sale at Eastbay and Kicks R Us

On Eastbay: Price – $124.99

Sizes: 7 – 13

Check out Nice Kicks (link at top) for larger images of the sneaker

To me, these have to be the wildest pair of the retro bunch that is Air Jordan 11 Low. On Nice Kicks, they say that it is a lifestyle release so that means that there will be matching clothes for the sneaker.

With that little bit of info, I went on a search (a small limited search mind you… I’m sure there is more stuff out there) for Jordan Lifestyle clothes that match this funky style. Here is what I found.

From Eastbay:

Jordan Men's LS Retro 11 Low Denim Short - INdigo/Varsity Maize
Jordan Men’s LS Retro 11 Low Denim Short


Jordan Men's LS Denim Short 2 - Indigo/Pro Gold
Jordan Men’s LS Denim Short 2


Jordan Men's Classic Verbiage Tee - White
Jordan Men’s Classic Verbiage Tee


And now for Kicks R Us:

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Air Jordan 11 LS Polo
White Argon Maize
217021-100 $54.99

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Air Jordan 11 LS T
White Argon Maize
217068-100 $25.99

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Air Jordan 11 LS Polo
White Argon Maize
217089-100 $44.99

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Air Jordan 11 LS Shorts
White Argon Maize
234862-100 $49.99

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Air Jordan LS Messenger Bag
White Black Elephant
145555-100 $159.99

That pretty much covers it. So basically you have 3 pair of shorts (what, no Jordan socks?) around 4-5 different shirts and a couple of bags because you need a bag to carry your iPod in (and I guess a laptop).

I have not yet seen too many people wear Jordan leg wear unless it was basketball shorts. But I have seen plenty of people wearing the AirJordan 11 Lows. I did read somewhere that the sales of this sneaker are not too brisk, but here in NYC, there are on plenty of peoples feet.

In fact, I personally don’t like the sneaker too much, and yet (maybe because of peer pressure or something like that) I actually can see the appeal of the sneaker enough to say that I would buy it (remember your budget man!!!). I mean, it is the sneaker he wore when he came back to play basket ball. I even remember when they came out and thought to myself, “these are the low tops to the Space Jams? I don’t get the relationship between these 2 sneakers at all.”

Apparently many people agreed with me cause I didn’t see too many people wearing them at the original time of release. WAY more people are wearing them now than back then. WAY more.

Other styles on the market:

Jordan Women's Retro 11 Low - Black/Metallic Gold
Jordan Women’s Retro 11 Low


Jordan Men's Retro 11 Low - Silver/Zest/White
Jordan Men’s Retro 11 Low



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