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From NiceKicks | Sole Box x New Balance 1500 “Toothpaste”

Sole Box x New Balance 1500 “Toothpaste” | Nice Kicks – Air Force Ones, Air Jordans, Release Dates and sneaker news.

New Balance Collaboration With Sole Box

From Nice Kicks and SlamxHype


What is this? I personally wasn’t too sure about New Balance getting into the whole “customized sneaker” look (even though I really like the fact that they have width sizes) but this “Toothpaste” pack is really awesome (yes I used the word awesome).

I haven’t had a pair of New Balance’s since I bought my whole family matching pairs almost 7 years back (I forget which ones… if I remember, I’ll edit the post and show a link) . Why did I mention that? Because I am SOOO getting these. Yes, yes, I know. I am always talking about my sneaker budget and how I need to stay on track to get the Back to School Pack and the Kings County (or DTRT… I can’t get both anymore 🙁 ) and save up for the Air Jordan XX3’s.

But these are sooooo freaking cool! Solebox you guys sooooo rock right now for joining up with New Balance to make these!

While I don’t care for the other pair too much, I think the “cool mint” version is the best.

How much will they cost? Well, they are supposed to be hand made… in Europe. So while I say I am so getting them, I just may not be able to afford hand made sneakers at this point and time.


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