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aka Stash House – KING BETTER TEE from Dr. Jays – aka Stash House – KING BETTER TEE – Urban Hip Hop Clothing

King Better Tee

Sizes medium to extra large

Price: 40.00

Well I think this is hot enough to feature. I just got an email from Dr. Jays (because this is on my wishlist) that there are limited quantities of this shirt left. While I probably still won’t get it, it is still VERY hot. I bet the fabric feels great much like other shirts in this price range… speaking of price…

Since this is the age of the t-shirt, prices have gone through the roof for what is essentually a shirt without sleeves that you wear inside another shirt. Nevertheless for years now, t-shirts have been on a rampage. People wear them even in the wintertime and are willing to freeze to be fashionable (as per the usual).

With all of that said, I’ll admit I have bought the expensive t-shirt way back when it really started in 1992-5 (I got a shirt with Popeye on it… shrunk after the first wash LOL) for 30.00 (but it was on sale for 15).  I said to mysel, “Never again!”

Now in 2007, I have bought in one year at least 7 t-shirts with prices from 15 to 30 dollars. I want this but I am really getting into my budget for the year (and next year cause paying for school out of pocket will cost me a grip) so I won’t be getting to much unless it is a must have like the Air Jordan Do The Right Thing Spiz’ike, the Lebron Soldiers, or the XX3.

Other items that sort of match:

aka Stash House


So now you can look fresh in white, red and black.


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