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Nike Free Transofrmers from Amazon

Price: 149.99

Only 4 left at this time.

I have read stories about the Transformer Nike collabo, but nobody said where to buy them. well, apparently you can get them on Amazon. I must have caught it late case they only have 4 pair of the Opimius Prime (aka Convoy) and 2 of the Megatron Nike. (they got used versions… but why would you want that? lol) . Both “sneakers” are based off of the NIKE Free collection.

Sneaker transformed!!! Image from Amazon


Bottom line is that this is a sweet deal. You get a transformer that becomes a sneaker? Instant classic, instant collectible. The price will probably skyrocket after a few years of ownership. Maybe even sooner.

And not to leave Magatron out of the picture… lol… here is a image of him too:

Megatron Nike Free 7.0 Transformer from Amazon



If you gonna get it, then grab it up while you can. Find a Flickr group on toys or Transformers and join up. Once you do, share you shots and post links here. I’m sure many would appreciate that.