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Sanuk Men’s Donny on Eastbay

Sanuk Men’s Donny – Blue

From Eastbay

Many sizes, types and colors available at $54.99 each.


 This is an interesting sneaker/shoes/sandal/flipflop. It is trying to be the best of both (4) worlds. I don’t know if I would put up the money for it as I am totally beyond my budget for footwear for the rest of the year, but if I could, I would get them.

But the question is, can something be everything? Is this comfortable (it looks comfortable), airy, can go in water without looking like crap after 3-4 times and last? You probably wouldn’t go in the group shower at the beach or the inner city pool with this so it doesn’t have all the advantages of a flip flop…the other benifits of this composite sandel I guess is up to the person wearing it.

The one thing this does have is that if someone sees you wearing this as you step out of a car going to the store… it is guaranteed that you can get a date. Why? Something this different (abnormal) will say to the ladies, “I got so much money, I buy footwear just to chill in”

Grown and sexy approved.


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