The Life and Culture of Kicks

Man… I got some stuff for you

Over the next week, I’ll be doing some re-thinking (and designing) about the blog… don’t know if the new look will be put in play by the end of the week or if I’ll just keep this one.

There will be more of a focus on sneakers (like I wasn’t doing that already) and shoes (like causal or work shoes), womens footwear and clothing  for both men and women.

As for s the wheel rim slash car take on things, I might put that on the side a little. I still got wheel rim (shoes.. get it, car have shoes too… does anybody get the connection of sneaker and shoes ranging from the things people wear on their feet to what cars wear on their feet??? LOL) stories but I’ll probably put them on their own featured page at the top of the menu bar or wrap it into the lifestyles page…

Well, either way, things just got better on Sneakers and Shoes.


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