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Featured Comment of the Day about the Nike Vandals

When I saw this long ass comment full of all kinds of detail, I felt the need to high light it. It is a very good comment and it even tells you how to keep them clean, what celeb was wearing them, and why this is the hottest colorway out.

 “If you took a shoe, took a bunch of pillows and shoved them in there then you would get alot of of good shoes but in that category the vandals would definetely be part. Now id like to get started with the look Ive always had AirForces but one day i wanted to get a new pair but they seemed to have run out so i settled for these. At first i was a little skeptical because they were almost a foot high. And the first time i tried em on the upper strap gave me problems. Also the to section was very thin so i got a crease in just a few days it also makes them hard to clean and manage. But those were minor problems. Oh yeah wahtever you do do not let the strap hang from behind your shoe cause they will get worn out or you could step in something like water. just take em off. These shoes have great ankle support your ankle is always held in place and there is one huge air unit inside the bottom of the shoe and it feels great and your jumps will be 3o somthing percent better. These shoes are also cool because Lil Scrappy wore them in his song gangsta gansta you can see when he gets in that car and presses the gas with his foot. But the shoes leather actually attracts dirt and water it actually absorbs it so if you get these from finishline get the dirt and water proofer it works great. Its a great buy good for budget and game a must buy shoe. Thats whta it is.”

By Imran766 from Durham, NC

Plus this guy is one of the top commenters on FinishLine. Pretty good.


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