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Team Air Jordan – The Gift or The Curse

The Gift or The Curse

KicksGuide currenly has an article on the people who are on the Jordan Team. From Ray Allen to Anthony Carmelo to Roy Jones; each of them had something real going on for them at one time… so what happened?

Here are the names listed in the article (not in order):

  • Randy Moss
  • Jason Kidd (he was on Team Jordan?)
  • Gary Payton
  • Anthony Carmelo
  • Derek Jeter
  • Vin Baker
  • Warren Sapp
  • Eddie Jones

And you know what? All I can say is, “Wow… what the hell happened?” Did all these guys really just disappear? I do remember Eddie Jones sneakers when they first came out. they were sooo hot. Everybody wanted them (at least in NYC). Carmelo is still got some game with him so maybe he should be on the list (but I can understand why he was put on there). I never understood Derek Jeter being on Team Jordan.
Anyway, there is allot more detail to this story, so go over there and take a read. There are a few sports bloggers on wordpress. I think I’ll ask their opinion on this.

It sure is interesting.


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