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Reebok Women’s NFL Glitter Fashion Jersey on Eastbay

Reebok Women’s NFL Glitter Fashion Jersey
Giants: Eastbay – The Athletic SportSource.

Price: $59.99
Now: $35.99

Only in Large for the Giants… other sizes available in other sports teams

 This is actually my first totally fashion post (hurray!) I had something else planned… but I forgot what it was supposed to be. So lets start with this and go from there, hmmm?

I’m a guy so while technically as long as I have the money, I could buy this, but I won’t. But its still hot. Where are all the ladies where this at? This is a smart move right here ESPECIALLY if you actually like football.

They must have been around for a bit because every single color variation is on sale. They all look good. Check this out:

Reebok Women's NFL Glitter Fashion Jersey - Bills - McGahee, Willis - Crocus

Now: $35.99
McGahee, Willis

Reebok Women's NFL Glitter Fashion Jersey - Packers - Favre, Brett - Mint

Favre, Brett

Reebok Women's NFL Glitter Fashion Jersey - Buccaneers - Brooks, Derrick - Pink

Now: $35.99
Brooks, Derrick

Reebok Women's NFL Glitter Fashion Jersey - Panthers - Delhomme, Jake - Pink

Now: $35.99
Delhomme, Jake

There has GOT to be something you like in there somewhere. I’m teling you, if your man likes football and you want some attention on a Sunday when football season starts again, you will need this… and that’s not all!!

Take a look at this:

Reebok Women’s NFL Pink Ribbon Jersey

Price: $54.99
Now: $34.99

Sizes depend on which team you pick

 To me, its not as good as the one at the top of this blog post, but its still sweat. I don’t get why no one around where I live has gotten this? Maybe they don’t know about it? I would love to see someone wearing this. Heck, I should buy it and just hope that someone I’m dating fits the size I buy LOL

Ladies, seriously, if you want to look good at that party or impress the guy you like that loves football, this is it. Get this.


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