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KicksGuide Artist Series: What Would Your Sole Look Like?

KicksGuide: Air Jordan 23


From KicksGuide - Designed by SCOTT KELLEY

From KicksGuide



KicksGuide has been the place to find people with their own idea of what a sneaker could look like now or in the future. Every month they hold a contest for the best design on that month and at the end of the year it is the best design from the last 12 months to get the design of the year spot.

But this time there is a twist to the contest. This time its about the sole of the sneaker.

I’ll admit that there use to be a time where I would NOT buy a specific sneaker if I didn’t like the bottom tread. Granted the top part had to look nice, but the deal breaker could be that the sole looked wack. So having a contest on the design of the bottom of the sneaker makes me feel like I am not alone in liking the most ignored part of the sneaker (it is also ignored on tire treads too… I like how tire treads look).

Here is what the contest is about:

If shoes are our passion, then the sole is an insight into our sneaker souls. This month’s theme allow artists to see leave their footprints from this unique perspective. Check it out and rate them!

My personal pick is this one:


He, so far, only has a 5.5 rating out of 10. So he probably won’t win. The top guy so far is JIMI TAYLOR. Here is his take on what a sole should look like:

By Jimi Taylor of KicksGuide

He got a 7.41 out of 10 currently.

Each design has an explanation of the concept and materials used (if needed). So take  yourself over there and create an account, and then vote.


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