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Flickr: Photos from

Flickr: Photos from

limb_1 by

Uploaded on June 10, 2007

Now this is art mixed with culture (at least that is how I look at it) But really, why is this person so interesting? Because of this:

my sneakers by

Uploaded on May 26, 2007

Pretty cool h’uh? Its part of what is called the c set. There are only a few more sneaker shots, but they are pretty cool.

my sneakersmy sneakersmy sneakersmy sneakers

 Now those would make some great wallpapers for the computer desktop. He got an overall nice look on there so you should check him out. I am sure if you beg nicely, you could get some prints and maybe a original t-shirt out of it.

Here are some of the groups joelinner associates with:

Barefeet Sneakers (Pool)


Street art Magazine development and creation (Pool)

The Flickr Portrait Gallery (Pool)


Collage Crazy (Pool)

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