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Wire Sceptre KO Well Lace… WOW

Wire Sceptre KO Well Lace


While digging up where I can find more interesting car shoes to post, I came across this site. Its called Dayton Wire Wheels. I’mvery impressed. Plus, they been in business for 90 years! That is a long time for making car rims.

Take a look at this:

32 Hupmobile From DAYTON WIRE WHEEL


That is freakin amazing! I love the whitewall look and they got a few shots of that even with modern cars. The site has a catalog of what they have and other info you need in order to get your self a little something for your car/suv/classic.

They have a few car wallpapers in case you want to hook up your desktop with something. Unlike many sites that have wallpapers, this site realized hat people actually have screen sizes bigger than 1024 by 768. Its too bad that they don’t have a wide screen version of it, but not everybody knows about desktop customization. My favorite wall is this one.:

Also check out their videos. While they are not on Youtube or DailyRotation, its still worth a watch. I don’t think you have to worry about hitting a pothole with these shoes.


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  1. Hello
    Am Mr John and i will like to buy your car rim and i will likr to no the type of payment you accept and i will also like to no the cost of the rims and i will like to here from you Asap.

    September 24, 2008 at 12:09 pm

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