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Nike Men’s Dunk High on Eastbay – The Athletic SportSource.

Nike Men’s Dunk High Black/Orange Blaze/Pro Gold Eastbay – The Athletic SportSource.

As I was browsing Eastbay (as I do almost weekly) I tend to find some pretty cool sneakers, shoes (the ones for your feet) and other items that just look appealing to me. Since I’m just starting to become a sneaker head, I don’t know all the cool sites yet so forgive me if this style has been talked about almost 6 months ago.

The sneaker looks pretty cool. I want it so bad but my budget is limited. Plus I have noting in my current wardrobe that really goes with this. What I like most about the sneaks is the textured Nike swoosh. That really puts this version of the the Dunk (that is available to everyone aka general release) ahead of the pack.

They have other versions (plenty) although I am not sure why they separate out some verses the others when they are all Dunks.


Nike Men's Dunk High - Red/White/Orange Blaze


Red/White/Orange Blaze




Nike Men's Dunk High - White/Lemon Chiffon/Radient Green


White/Lemon Chiffon/Radient Green

Those above is separated from this below:


Nike Men’s Dunk Hi


Nike Men’s Dunk Hi


Nike Men’s Dunk HI


Different release date maybe??? I don’t know. They all look pretty good. Its probably why they are so popular. Its nice to be in NYC where everything tends to be either earth tones or gray as far as fashion is concerned. Now you got people wearing bright as heck yellow, barf color fruity pebble all-over-prints and even neon colored belts.

I love it! I a not a super color person (I have a thing for yellow and browns this year) but I like the fact that people around here are wearing brighter colors. since matching these bright as crap sneakers is a must, it means getting new shirts (mostly shirts) and maybe some new jeans.

My favorites from this list (another than the first one featured) is got to be the Midnight Navy-White-White and the Varsity Maize-White-Black of which look like the Old Love New Love Air Jordans (the yellow and black one of course).

They still have plenty of sizes for most of them. The ‘blue ones’ don’t have many sizes left at all. A problem with Eastbay though is that it will say it has your size at first, but when you go to buy, it says your size is no longer available. Weird…


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