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Jordan Men’s Retro 1: Looks good in real life.

Jordan Men’s Retro 1 Eastbay – The Athletic SportSource.

(Plenty of shoe sizes still available by the way… on Eastbay)

It would seem that a sneaker I thought would not look to get, actually looks pretty good in real life. The Columbia blue color isn’t as ‘neon-ish’ as I thought it would be. Plus, as I traveled through NY today, I actually saw people wearing them. I think (at least in NYC) Air Jordan Retro Ones are a success. I have seen all of the retro version on some kids feet during the course of the day.

On the oppisite side of the coin, Air Jordan XX2’s have not been seen at all… well up until 4 days ago. And I will bet you that it is because some stores cut the price of them.

The Air Jordan XX2 looks good, but they don’t seem to be as popular in NYC. They have been out a while but I have only just now started to see people wear them. What were their ages? 2 over 45, one 18-24 and a elementary school kid.

I saw no one wearing the Omega’s yet… stay tuned.


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