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Release Date Reminder: Air Jordan 1 LS Stealth and Sport – Sneaker Files

Release Date Reminder: Air Jordan 1 LS Stealth and Sport – Sneaker Files – Air Jordan – Nike Air Force One – SB – Release Dates and Information

EastBay Jordan Retro Sport AJ One

Many thanks to Sneaker Files! Totally forgot about this. It is out today. I guess I will see if anyone is wearing (nope, didn’t see not one person wearing this sneaker… mayb its too exclusive?) these tonight as I travel in and out of the city. He says the sneakers are available at Eastbay and FinishLine (but I don’t see them online at FinishLine though… maybe in the stores)

Hurry up, cause the red “Sport” ones are going pretty quick.

Currently there is a battle going on SneakerFile as to whether the Old Love New Love Pack is better than the “Stealth” and the “Sport”… and a very lively debate it is with a few ‘non-sneaker collector’ (ouch) blows and attacks on individuals ability to spell (LOL). And commenter Stevan Segal… this guy is just plain funny while taking everybody to Jordan church:

Steven Seagal said:

am May 19 2007 @ 9:48 pm


These comments make me laugh, because once they’re gone, all of you are going to be crying that you didn’t get those. Steven Seagal is the almighty Jordanhead and understands the system, he doesn’t follow the crowd, and does what’s popular, Steven Seagal stays loyal to Lord Michael Jordan, and to himself Steven Seagal. So f*ck you guys, suck my b*lls.


Amazing… lol

You also got, for the first time I have even seen on Sneaker Files, a spam comment on how to get the sneakers even though they are avaiable here. Never heard of I tend to stick with places I know.

The red ones are just ok. The gray ones with the image is too much for me. Won’t get them cause my money is going toward the Alpha Omega Pack, the Kings County Spiz’ikes, and a few dunks.


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