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Jag considering axing the X – Autoblog

Jag considering axing the X – Autoblog



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Get rid of the X-Type? Its the only Jag I can afford or get on sale used for around 15G’s! It is the lap of luxury for the price that a regular guy can afford… lol yeah, it probably should go considering its sales and Ford (who owns Jaquar) wants it to be more exclusive like in days past.

But some disagree:

 Just because the current X-Type sucks – heck, it’s based on a platform from the early 1990’s – doesn’t mean the concept of an affordable Jaguar is unsound. Every other luxury carmaker has a car in this class – MB and BMW go even lower – and there’s no reason Jaguar should abandon it wholesale. Unless they plan on going WAY upmarket like Maserati or Bentley – a much riskier bet – they’d be better off to replace the X-Type with a sexy alternative to the 3 and C.

Posted at 12:02PM on May 8th 2007 by DriverG

An even more pointed reason why Jagmight have failed with the X-Type:

The X-Type didn’t hurt the brand because it was an inexpensive Jaguar, it hurt the brand because it WASN’T a Jaguar. When people buy an “inexpensive” (cough, cough) BMW or M-B they’re still getting a BMW or M-B. The X-Type was a Ford Mondeo for god’s sake, based on FWD (no Jag had ever been FWD-based) and had FAR too much parts-sharing with Ford. Hell even Lexus and Infiniti came out with more worthy small sporty lux cars, it just made Jag look horrible. No one was going to leap for joy at a Ford Mondeo with a leaping Jaguar on the hood. If the X-Type had been a sporty RWD sedan and had actually been luxurious and moderately reliable we wouldn’t be having this conversation. It wasn’t the concept, it was the execution.

Posted at 12:08PM on May 8th 2007 by Scott

A Jag was really a Ford Mondeo??? LMAO

Anyway, if anyone here was planning onbuying Puma clothing and then go in their Jag to drive around town prowling for women, this story will make you think about how your going to spend your money. In the end, I think Jag would be better off being exclusive especially since Ford owns them. Ford has a low cost premuim brand, remember? Its called Lincoln.