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Air Jordan Spiz’ike Fire Red Package –

Air Jordan Spizike Fire Red Package – – Air Jordan – Nike Air Force One – SB – Release Dates and Information

If you like the Spiz’ike’s (and apparently you do), then you might like this bit of info.


Air Jordan is releasing the Fire Red’s as a limited run through the Jumpman23 website (for release dates check SneakerFiles). It comes with a very nice looking bag.

My issue with this is that the Fire Red’s, from images I have seen on the internet, do not have the 40 Acre and a Mule logo nor do they have the Mars Blackmon logo on the back of the sneaker.  I don’t like that… Never the less, they are cool looking sneakers.

I am just getting into collecting (and actually not wering a pair of sneakers I bough… which seems very wierd but I don’t want to scuff them or put that outside dirt on it LOL) and I just don’t think that these piticular pair of Spiz’ikes will be reguarded as m”Most Wanted”.

Most of the comments on SneakerFiles address either linking the sneakers, really likeing the sneakers, or REALLY liking the sneakers. A few want them to actually be limited editions. I say if its coming from the Jumpma23 site as exclusives online purchase pack, then it has some exclusiveness to it anyway.

I guess it will remain if these are popular or more popular than the True Blue’s.