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BBS releases LM-R for BMW, Porsche, Lexus – Autoblog

BBS releases LM-R for BMW, Porsche, Lexus – Autoblog

AutoBlog takes a look at BBS newest wheel rim design. It looks ok. The detail image of the new patented “I Beam” thing seem cool too. They also offer up a new way to forge a rim. Now I know I read on one of my magazines about how many different types of rim forging there is and what does what… now I have to find it. It was very straight to the point and they had some nice images of some cool rims.

There wasn’t overall joy for this rim in the comments. I did find out that BBS filed for bankruptcy. Seems to be some sort of trend going on here. Could the aftermarket be falling apart? Nooooooo I just got into it!

Ehhhh, maybe just bad timing for the businesses.


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