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Air Jordan I Retro Xq Extended Look – – Release Dates and Information

Air Jordan I Retro Xq Extended Look – – Air Jordan – Nike Air Force One – SB – Release Dates and Information


There is an extended look (in images) of the much wanted (if the comments on the blog is any indication) Air Jordan 1 Retro Xq Olympic… or All Star, not really sure. They also say that it is intended for original release in China.

Allot of rumors are running wild for this particular shoe. The nickname of either Olympic or All Star is out there and even that when it is released in the US, it will be part of a sneaker pack much like the Old Love New Love sneakers and the Alpha Omega pack.

What will the pack include? Allot of that is on the blog post linked above… but they clearly state that there isn’t a confirmation on it.

I can see how All Star can turn into Olympic considering the Basketball team usually is an all star team of US Basketball players (anyone remember the Dream Team? And didn’t the Dream Team almost lose to the Dream Team of college players???) . This confusion also happened with the Spiz’ikes when it came to the nicknamed “Kings County” being known as “King of Spades”.

There are currently 27 comments on the blog about the sneaker and what people plan on doing with it…


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