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Working On Some Direction

As you can see I’m just starting this blog on the footwear, car culture and fashion. I don’t see many people taking on the relationship between the 3 so I figured I would give it a shot. Maybe someone else will take it on too.

Currently in the blogging world, the thing to do is to hyper-focus on a particular topic and then expand… I guess you can say it works that way in allot of other aspects of life too.


I’ll be writing my thoughts on sneakers, car rims (shoes… get it? its a play on words…) and casual footwear (what is casual footwear at times? shoes…there it is again!!!!). I will also, however in a small way, go into car culture and fashion. I actually got a couple of fashion related blog posts coming up. I also have some car video game lists to share and I plan on (as in plan) to review what I saw at the AutoShow… almost 4 weeks ago… of which includes 4-5 videos and almost 30 pictures!!! THIRTY!!!!

Alas, most of what I will be posting over the next few days will have to do with sneakers for human feet and shoes for car “feet”. I bet you’re saying, “rims are boring… how much can you actually blog about rims?” Well… I guess that part of the blog will be boring to allot of people, cause I’ll be posting allot on rims, tire specs, disc brakes and anything else related to the wheel assembly.

I’ll be doing the same with sneakers too… I might even cut some sneakers in half to see if it really has that air thing. I did that once and even though it said Nike Air, it really wasn’t air at all. Just foam.

Until next time…


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