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The Air Jordan Alpha Omega Pack

Original Image from Team 9-1 kix


In about a month, another sneaker pack will be upon us. From the comments being received on many sneaker blogs, this pack won’t be as popular as the Old Love New Love Package pack (man I wish I just bought them… why did I hesitate!!! Costly mistake number #1) .


This pack includes the new Jordan 22 in Red and White and the first Jordan stlye ever to come out Jordan number 1 in what I guess would be columbia blue and white.


Now I can tell you that both of these shoes look pretty ugly. But that is my opinion. The colors seem a little off and even annoying. The Jordan 22 sneaker could look better with different color styling than what is being offered. I mean red on red? Why not red with black?

Image from Team 9-1 kix off of NiceKicks

Now could that have looked a little bit better than that? I mean these sneakers look real good but can be made to look real crappy depending on the color style (colorway). Normal colors like white and black with red seem to look plain. If that looks plain, then a white and red colorway is not going to work either. The sneaker has so much detail in them and yet its not really exploited too much… but I’ll leave that for another story (New Jordans come out but No Ones Wearing Them)

Take a look at this…

From Nike Skate Boarding Forums

Now that is a close up of the Jordan 1’s. I love the idea of having a cut scene image on the sides of the sneaker. Not too many are keen to that idea:

” these would be nice if the image wasn’t there.” and ” yah ditto…image is crappy” seems to be the norm when speaking about these sneaks.

I’ll admit the color seems to be very old skool to me so I guess its a pass… But when you look at the other Jordan Air 1’s, you think, “What happened here?”

Image from aNYth1ng (that could be looked at as Any 1 Thing)

Different angles don’t cut it either. On Sneakefiles the story got about 10 comments (I know I saw a blog post with 22 on this subject somewhere on the site) and it was about 50/50 on liking the image on the side or not. You can look at them without the image on the side here.

The only last thing i can think about all of this is how much will both together cost? Jordan 22 are 175 and Jordan 1 are usually 110 soooo…. lets just say 285… with tax that’s over 300 smacks. I could buy a laptop (used) with that! How much do you think they will be worth once they are not for sale anymore? Not as much as the “Old Love New Love” pack is going for.

I guess I have no choice but to get them since I missed out on the Old/New Pack. I got to put something in my investment portfolio. lol


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