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Coming BACK In November!!!

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We going to give this thang a shot once more! Got some ideas, new mission (including to promote more mature styles such as mens shoes for work or business), and just in general its gonna be fun.

The main website will be up and running soon, the blog (as you can see) is open but updates won’t begin until November, we are on the Twitters, the Facebooks, and the Instagrams, and a couple other places as well (for example we on Tumblr… yeah when we say we gonna be experimenting, doing some new things, that’s what we mean)

Things are quite now but feel free to save some of this stuff to you favorites now. Here’s how the workflow will go:

Sneakers And Shoes – The Lifestyle and Culture of Kicks

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  • cool beans yoo
  • More magazine style mixed with blog. Will only be updated in the beginning once a month for the first few months, then once a week starting in March on Tuesdays
  • Reviews on different footwear items
  • Includes big stories for the month or week, background stories on different footwear brands, lookbooks, and other more static content

Sneakers and Shoes – The Blog

  • Whats out now, what people are talking about, new styles, whats currently on sale around the net such as FinishLine and Eastbay, and super sales (footwear that’s 15% or more off from across the web).
  • Any random thing we find on the interwebzzzz
  • Updated at least 4 times a week Instagram and IGtv

  • So many pics and such little time!!! Sneakers from multiple brands, new stuff, old stuff, work wear, casual, highheels, and so forth.
  • IGtv Facebook

  • Get updates on the blog, website, and find out about givaways and there. Plus some snarky quickbits from the Sneakers and Shoes team on any number of topics TUMBLR

  • Focus on the culture of fashion and sneakers, related art, styles, and randomness that is Tumblr. No really go check it out! An easy way to pass the time for a few. YouTube

  • Going to be 3 types of vids on there coming in 2019 including Diggin’ In The Sneaker Crates, and The Weekly Super Sale

skrsandshoes Twitter

  • Find out what new posted on the website, interacting with other kick lovers, and random thoughts from the team.

snkrsandshoes Pintrest

  • A collection of styles, looks, and more randomness

Check us out. Eventually we will have an iPhone app as well for those who want it all in one place (but that’s gonna be a wait for that release, we just wanna give y’all a heads up). November 2018 going to a very interesting month!